Some Anti-Theist Religious Bits & Pieces: Round Eleven

Of all of those Big Questions axial to abstruse concepts that beleaguer life, the cosmos and everything, the realms of canon and religions and the attributes of deities abide to fascinate. Opinions breed in books, articles, videos, conversations in confined and pubs, and in actuality anywhere and everywhere two or added bodies are in proximity. There’s the pro side; there’s the anti-side. There aren’t too abounding fence-sitters. I’m still in the anti-camp as the afterward $.25 and pieces illustrate.

Regarding Religion

*It’s simple to ad-lib religions, deities and angelic texts out of attenuate air – out of the animal imagination. Scientology and Mormonism are two ‘recent’ examples. So is “Jedi” canon and the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Afresh too in the Star Trek cosmos we accept the Q-Continuum and the Organians and the Bajoran Prophets. The (resistance is futile) Borg are ‘religious’ zealots aggravating to digest anyone and anybody non-Borg into the Borg Collective. As for angelic books, the Ferengi accept a angelic book – the “Rules of Acquisition”.

*Double Standards

Christian Accurate Believer: You charge to accept in God; the Bible is true; Christianity is the way forward.

Atheist: God isn’t real; the Bible isn’t true; atheism is the way forward.

Christians are abominable admired for their statements; atheists are bucketed for their statements. Does anyone abroad see a bifold accepted here?

*Religion: If you don’t apperceive something, you’re justified in just authoritative something up. I don’t apperceive what causes lightning, accordingly Zeus / Thor is responsible.

*Religions tend to alpha off with their abstracts and appropriately abatement any pieces of complete affirmation that doesn’t abutment those conclusions.

Regarding Adoration vs. Science

*Human applesauce knows no limits. On the TV appearance “The Agnostic Experience” (out of Austin, Texas and accessible for examination on YouTube), an alfresco addition who declared in to the hosts had complete affidavit of God’s actuality and reality. In adjustment to prove God’s bona-fides, he insisted that animal males had one beneath rib than animal females due to the annual of Eve’s conception by God in the Book of Genesis. No bulk of accurate evidence, like in actuality counting the amount of macho ribs and the amount of changeable ribs would argue this getting to the contrary. Animal males had one beneath rib and no accord would be entered into on this ‘fact’. There are just bodies who reside in befuddlement and who debris to access into what passes for reality.

*According to Creationists, change is abandoned a approach [but afresh so too is the antibody approach of disease, the approach of force and the approach of relativity, etc.] They allegedly charge to see an ape accord bearing to a animal afore they accept in change – but God, now that’s reality!

*Magic is not an explanation.

*It’s not abundant to belie my argument, you aswell charge to prove that your altercation is correct.

Regarding Acceptance & Belief

*Being a accurate accepter helps you accord with your insecurities. Your acceptance is just a aegis blanket.

*Theists accept to be of the assessment that if you catechism their beliefs, that that is ascendant to advancing them personally. Attention theists: If I claiming the bona-fides of your behavior that is NOT the aforementioned as advancing you personally.

*If you boldness to yield annihilation on faith, afresh you can accept annihilation you ambition – including six absurd things afore breakfast – no amount how illogical. So there is no position you can’t yield as continued as it is based on faith.

*If acceptance leads James to adoration X, and acceptance leads John to adoration Y, and acceptance in about-face leads Juan to adoration Z, and if X, Y, and Z are mutually exclusive, afresh acceptance isn’t a alleyway to truth.

*”Could accept happened” isn’t evidence.

*”It’s possible” is not affidavit or even affirmation of what is possible.

*The absence position is atheism until such time as the absolute affirmation is accurate (or at diminutive accustomed some abundant evidence).

*You shouldn’t charge to accept to await on faith-based answers to changing abstruse or moral questions.

*Religious acceptance is a lot of generally just cogent a abhorrence of absoluteness (i.e. – afterlife and the added abominable things that can arise to you). The apple is a alarming abode so accordingly I accept in my adorable Big Brother (otherwise accepted as that airy abracadabra man in the sky).

*If you can’t argue yourself, afresh you’re traveling to bake in Hell for all eternity!

*The cessation you adeptness is the point area and if you stop thinking. If your cessation is “God”, able-bodied that says a lot about your adeptness to anticipate for yourself. It’s far bigger to be accomplished how to anticipate rather than what to think.

Regarding Pascal’s Wager

*We all apperceive about Pascal’s Wager. If God exists, it is bigger to action on acceptance in Him than on non-belief – for accessible affidavit (i.e. – just in case God in actuality exists). If God doesn’t exist, it is still bigger to action on acceptance than on non-belief aback you lose annihilation if you’re amiss in that belief. But the aberration actuality is that those aren’t the abandoned two options aback of advance the complete blemish actuality is that you ability accept in God all you ambition to, but what if it is the WRONG god? So Pascal’s Action is not absolutely a sure-thing one-way bet amid assertive in God and assertive in no-God. If you yield into annual all of the added accessible gods, action on God is a way, way beneath than a 50/50 proposition. It’s apparently added like a 1 in 100 proposition, apparently even worse than that. If you accept in God instead of Zeus, and it turns out that it is Zeus who is absolutely real, afresh Zeus will accept your audacity for garters and forward you beeline to Tartarus. Finally, the complete oft quoted acknowledgment to Pascal’s Action is that a absolutely absolute all-knowing God would see appropriate through your egocentric arrogance pseudo-belief in Him. At diminutive the agnostic opting for acceptance in the no-God book was getting honest.

Regarding Prayer

*If you adjure to God or Jesus or any added celestial to canyon your exams (instead of in actuality studying), afresh that qualifies as cheating. Oh, and by-the-way, it will not work!

*I said a adoration allurement God for my aggregation to win and low-and-behold the denticulate the acceptable run in the basal of the ninth inning, so accordingly God answers prayers. But what about all of the prayers accurate for and on account of all those craving accouchement in the Third World? Well, God just works in abstruse ways!

*Prayer is a way to argue yourself that you’re accomplishing something afterwards in actuality accepting to do something. So with as abutting to no complete accomplishment as possible, you can buck-pass your acute issues assimilate a deity.

Regarding Morality

*The Devil tempted me and accordingly the Devil fabricated me do it – a acceptable way of alienated demography any claimed albatross for your actions.

Regarding the Soul / Afterlife

*Being asleep isn’t alarming – it’s how you become asleep that can be scary!

*If activity (as in afterlife) is eternal, afresh activity (as in above-mentioned to an afterlife) is cheap. A bound activity (once you’re dead, you’re dead) has way added amount than an absolute one aback if you accept just a bound activity you’d abuse able-bodied bigger accomplish hay while that sun shines!

Regarding Heaven & Hell

*Threatening bodies like atheists with hell and damnation and abiding affliction just because atheists aren’t absolutely like those who do the aggressive (i.e. – Accurate Christian Believers) accept to be appealing accept with those sorts of theists.

*Since atheists acutely will not go to Heaven, that just creates or leaves added allowance for the Accurate Believers. Maybe that’s why Accurate Believers ambition abiding Hell on the atheists.

Regarding the Bible

*In the alpha you are told, or bigger still indoctrinated, that the Bible is the one accurate chat of God and you alpha off your apostolic / religious actuality with that basal apriorism and that axiological belief. Therefore, you added acceptable as not never get about to analytic that apriorism and arduous your own acceptance system. You never even anticipate to ask, how do they (who told me this in the aboriginal place) in actuality apperceive for a actuality what they deliver is in actuality true.

*The Bible is just a book cobbled and aggregate calm in an ad-hoc appearance by a committee.

*The Bible is not affirmation for God, but aloft account it, it is affirmation for the actuality that bodies can columnist a rather incoherent, illogical, abandoned and all about impaired book.

*We apperceive that assorted Biblical alpine tales abatement into the categories of science fiction (like the sun and moon continuing still in the sky) and science fantasy (like talking snakes), but the abhorrence brand hasn’t been overlooked. We accept Zombies! Focus on Matthew 27: 52-53. Alas, the altercation doesn’t arise to in actuality say what became of the walking dead! Perhaps they still airing the apple to this absolute day!

*Do you put up a Christmas timberline and adorn it? God will get you for that you agnostic you! Just analysis out Jeremiah 10: 2-4.

*I’ve in actuality heard this altercation accustomed and acclimated to prove the Bible’s bona-fides. Because the Bible mentions Jerusalem, and Jerusalem is an complete place, accordingly the blow of the Bible is appropriately as accurate! That’s array of like adage that because Spiderman lives in New York City, and because New York City is an in actuality absolute place, accordingly Spiderman is appropriately as real. The I.Q. of some Accurate Believers borders on the scary.

*The Old Testament contains a lots that is just apparent horrid, but if you had to opt for the a lot of horrid, it’s harder to go accomplished Numbers 31. It’s absolute NASTY, abnormally ballad 18!

*Here’s addition Biblical bucking for you. Who begat Joseph, bedmate of Mary? If you apprehend Matthew 1: 16, it was Jacob. In John 4: 5 it was Jacob. But Luke 3: 23 says it was Heli who fathered Joseph. Who knows? Who absolutely cares?

*The Bible is not a book that can be rated “G”. Just accede the adventure of Lot’s two daughters accepting their abandoned way with daddy. (Genesis 19: 30-36).

*An abominable lot is fabricated out of Biblical prophecy. However, if those way aback afresh could absolutely see the future, you’d apprehend to acquisition references to such aloft discoveries as the Americas and Antarctica; analysis as in man landing on the Moon; busline such as in submarines, railroads, aerodynamics and of advance the horseless carriage; why no acknowledgment of advances in telecommunications and of advance the Internet; why not adumbrate the antibody approach of ache and antibiotics, all-around warming, and the diminutive bomb. These aren’t accessory issues and they should accept been prophesied.

*When challenged about Biblical contest and their bona-fides, theists will generally ask, “Where you there?” Of advance that’s the dumbest of the dumbest of retorts aback theists weren’t there either!

Regarding God

*It has been claimed that there can be one, and abandoned one Maximally Greatest Getting or God. That seems to fly in the face of the multi-dozens of agnostic theologies that accept been accepted and agilely believed in. In any event, why not two Maximally Greatest Beings – one male, one female? If that doesn’t float your boat, what about two Maximally Greatest Beings – one composed of amount and one of antimatter. That makes faculty in that God is a concrete getting composed of actuality with complete structure. God accept to accept these ancestry in adjustment to accept done all of the things He is declared to accept done. So accordingly God is accountable to anarchy which agency that God accept to eat and go to the bath and abound old. If these $.25 and pieces do not administer to God afresh God doesn’t acquaintance aliment or decay abolishment or ultimately ache from adolescence and arthritis and accordingly God is not omniscient.

*If aggregate needs and has a beginning, afresh so does God. Amazing exceptions to accepted rules crave amazing explanations. That God, and God alone, doesn’t crave a conception while aggregate abroad does crave a creation, strikes me as just a case of appropriate pleading.

*Since bodies accept created bogus activity and apish activity forms, and aback (according to theists) bodies in about-face accept been created by God, it makes almost little faculty to assert that God in about-face didn’t accept a creator.

*Does God charge to ask Himself “who am I; what is my purpose in life; why do I exist; why am I here; why do I do what I do; and why am I just so abuse omni-everything?”

*God has an ego botheration – adoration me aloft all else, or else! Methinks God needs some able advice by brainy bloom experts who accord with egomania.

*Further, God absolutely has a vanity problem.

*Any God aces of getting admirable would not ambition to be worshipped.

*Atheists can’t abnegate theists ‘evidence’ for the actuality of God until such time as complete affirmation is offered up. Affirmation actuality is authentic as getting able to go out and apart verify the affirmation that theists affirmation exists.

*My To-Do List [courtesy of Jaclyn Glenn]

- Create Bodies

- Drown A lot of of Them

- Abandoned Favour One Group

- Kill Myself (for three days)

- Hide

(Signed) God

*God does not ambition anyone to go to Hell, which is of advance why He created Hell!

*Here’s addition not too ablaze Christian (as heard on a talk-back TV program).

Dumb Christian: So area do we get all of our activity from?

TV Host: The Sun.

Dumb Christian: That’s not absolute aback the Sun acutely goes down at night and appropriately it’s aphotic and appropriately no energy.

TV Host: So area do you anticipate we get our activity from?

Dumb Christian: God, obviously. God is omni-present and gives us all of our activity 24/7/52.

Regarding God’s Intelligent Design

*Might one just point out the animal appendix!

Regarding God’s ‘Morality’

*Let’s accept that God created Adam and Eve and at that time these two bodies had no abstraction of appropriate and wrong; of acceptable and of evil. God afresh instructed them not to eat of the timberline of ability of acceptable and evil. Now the catechism is, could Adam and Eve appreciate this instruction? For Adam and Eve to obey or not to obey would in itself crave them to accept a ability of acceptable (obeying God) and angry (disobeying God) which they acutely lacked. So Adam and Eve had no absolute compassionate of the after-effects of God’s instruction, a actuality that an allegedly all-knowing God would already accept known, thereby apprehension God’s command irrelevant. Nor would God’s blackmail of afterlife through defiance authority any acceptation for Adam and Eve aback getting the aboriginal humans, they never had apparent a asleep human. Afterlife would accept just been an abstruse chat and concept. In any event, Adam and Eve didn’t die anon afterwards disobeying God, so God lies.

Regarding Atheists & Atheism

*It is a absolute accepted delusion that atheists accept that there is no God. That’s not absolutely their position. Their complete position is that there is bereft EVIDENCE to yet rationally accreditation and absolve any acceptance in a celestial – any celestial – or the devil or any demon for that matter.

*If you abhorrence God, you cannot be, by definition, an atheist. You artlessly cannot abhorrence what you don’t accept exists.

*Atheists and theists accede to disagree. Theists, at diminutive Christian Accurate Believers, accordingly accept that those who disagree with them deserve to be bent for all aeon in Hell because their Bible says so. Atheists acutely don’t ambition the aforementioned on theists aback they don’t accept in non-existent abiding abuse that’s provided to the non-believers in a non-existent Hell.

*Theists affirmation that atheism is a adoration because they accept in nothing. You accept to accept acceptance that God doesn’t exist. In actuality of advance you accept to accept affirmation that God does abide and abridgement of affirmation agency no God (or gods) until accurate otherwise. The accountability of affidavit is consistently on the theist aback it is the theist who is authoritative the absolute claim. If atheism is a religion, afresh a-fairyism is a adoration for those who don’t anticipate fairies exist, afresh citation no affirmation by fairyism believers to aback them up.

*Christians tend to alarm all atheists the same; all peas in a pod. But if atheists were to alarm all Christians the same; all identical clones, there would be hell to pay!

*If atheists HATE God, which they do according to Christian Accurate Believers, afresh by that argumentation atheists HATE Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and even unicorns. Now apprehend this; now actuality this Christian Accurate Believers, you CANNOT HATE something you don’t accept even exists in the aboriginal place. That would be casuistic and irrational.